Nairobi has a strong emerging creative sector with a lot of new young energetic artists and event organisers. However, compared to most capitol cities, there are still relatively few events and audiences are not always overflowing. It’s with this current landscape in mind that this site was built.

The aims of this site:

To help build audiences by making events easier to find in one place

To help event organisers to better promote their events, especially new ones to the sector who haven’t yet grown their own audiences.

To help mitigate some of the issues of the Facebook Algorithm which doesn’t show all events to all followers, by providing a mobile friendly website where most creative sector events can be found.

For event organisers:

This is a free service.

This website pulls from Facebook Events only.

If we haven’t already found your event/s, please use our simple contact form to send us the link.

For venues:

For venues which host regular creative sector events in Nairobi.

We can share your events on our ‘BY VENUE‘ page

Just use our simple contact form to send us the link to your Facebook venue page where your events are hosted.